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QRPurse provides solutions for borderless and seamless transfer, storage and management of digital assets.

2 Active Vaults
4 Active Wallets
156 Active Currencies
3Active Gateways

Digital Payment Collection and Storage Technologies


Digital Vault

Host any wallet address as digital funds repository for realtime or scheduled transactions. Recommended for financial services providers.

Digital Wallet

Receive, send, exchange and store digital funds on your mobile or email as wallet address on at least a Vault - wallet@vault.

Digital Funds

Mulitiple fiat money and crypto currencies virtualised and accessible for reconciliable transactions with the wallet@vault.

Make Payment

Send money, pay bill (QR-CV), subscribe, donate to anyone and anywhere, either bank or wallet@vault. Use QR-PV, MasterCard, Visa, BitPay, Verve...

Create Invoice

Merchants, Service Providers and more can automatically issue QR-CV payable as bill by anyone via bank or wallet@vault.

Accept Payment

Collect payments directly to your wallet@vault or bank account. Options include Load QR-PV, send payment request and generate receipt.

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